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Beef Bologna (Biovela), 453Gr (15.9oz) 1cs x 12ea

From Biovela, their take on all beef bologna. Great texture and taste in a vacuum-pack to seal in th..

Canned Beef Liver Pate (Biovela), 240Gr (8.46oz) 1cs x 24ea

Canned beef liver pate produced by Biovela and packed in a convenient Easy-Open 240Gr can...

Firmenaya Bologna (Biovela), 600Gr (21.16oz) 1cs x 8ea

    From Biovela, bologna with a unique flavor profile and texture. Vacuum seale..

German Bologna "Doctorskaya" (Biovela), 453Gr (15.97oz) 1cs x 10ea

Biovela's take on German bologna. Slightly more firm than traditional bologna, with a deeper flavor ..