Andy's Deli

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Cooked Bacon Roll with Spices (Andy's Deli)

Smoked and cooked bacon roll infused with chopped spices throughout. Easily sliceable and perfect fo..

Double Pork Loin Bacon (Andy's Deli), ~5.0Lbs 1cs x 3ea

From Andy's, two pork loins twined together and then smoked and cured. Easily sliced and comes in bu..

Moscow Style Ham (Andy's Deli), CW 3.50Lbs 1cs x 3ea

A fantastic smoked ham with a sprinkling of coarse black pepper. Savory and satisfying, perfect for ..

Sandwich Ham (Andy's Deli), CW 9.0Lbs 1cs x 3ea

Can't go wrong with this traditional and simple ham, perfect for sandwiches and your table. Minimal ..

Smoked and Cooked Pork Loin (Andy's Deli), CW 4.5Lbs 1cs x 5ea

Cooked and somoked pork loin held together with chef's twine. A decadent tasting experince, tender a..

Turkey Breast Rolled in Veal Bulk (Andy's Deli), CW

Delicious turkey breast rolled in mildly flavored veal. A fantastic combination that's easily sliced..

Tyrolean Ham Bulk (Andy's Deli)

A unique ham made in the style of the Tyrol region of Northern Italy and Western Austria...

Veal & Pork Baby Wieners Bulk Pre-Pack ~5.0Lb (Andy's Deli), 1cs x

Bulk size veal and pork baby wieners from Bobak's. Perfect for your deli counter or large families...