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Baby Dill Pickles with Chili

From Agrosik whole baby dill pickles with a hint of chilli. Just enough kick to spice up your life. ..

Beet Salad (Agrosik), 31.7oz (898Gr) 1cs x 12ea

From Agrosik, beet salad in brine and own juice. A great side to your favorite dishes...

Polish Dill Pickles (A-Grosik) 51 fl oz, 1cs x 6ea

Polish style pickles in a glass jar by Agrosik. Traditional taste and texture, a great, crunchy pick..

Raspberry Syrup (Agrosik), 33.8fl oz 1cs x 6ea

Raspberry syrup by Agrosik. Concentrated and perfect for many uses in the kitchen. Make your own Ras..

Red Beet Soup - Borscht Concentrate (Agrosik)10.10oz 1cs x 12ea

Don’t have the time to make Borscht from scratch? Busy schedule keeping you from making this popular..