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German Bologna in Natural Casing (Schmalz's)

From Schmalz's, German bologna in a natural casing. Traditional and delicious. Comes in a bulk size ..

Moscovska, Chubs V/P (Schmalz's), 1.0Lbs 1cs x 23ea

German bologna from Schmalz's Provisions. Artisan-made and minimally processed. Ideal for your servi..

Russian Style Ham - Vetchina Rublenaya Chubs (Schmalz), CW 1.02Lbs

Traditional Russian style ham in bulk size for your deli counter or larger families. Packaged in a v..

Smoked Hunter Sausage - Kabanosy in Vacuum-Packs (Schmalz's), CW 1.0Lb

Traditional Hunter sausage packaged in vacuum-packs to preserve freshness. Produced by Schmalz's Pro..

Smoked Kielbasy Sausage (Schmalz), CW 2.0Lbs 1cs x 24ea

Traditional Krestyanskaya - Kielbasy sausage made by Schmalz's Provisions. Just like in the Old Coun..

White Headcheese Chunk in Vacuum-Pack (Schmalz's), CW 1.0Lb

Old-world headcheese from Schmalz's Provisions. Fantastic with a hint of mustard or horseradish. Vac..