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Arbatskaya Smoked Bologna long (Alef), ~2.0Lbs

    German bologna with a Russian twist. Smoked to create a truly unique flavor ..

Cooked "Evreyskaya Osobaya" Salami Long (Alef), ~2.44Lbs 1cs x 21ea

From Alef, a cooked version of their famous Evreyskaya salami. More tender and a milder flavor profi..

Doctorskaya Bologna Big (Alef), ~6.0Lbs 1cs x 8ea

Alef's take on German bologna. Comes in bulk size for slicing at your deli counter. Just what the do..

Doctorskaya Bologna Chunk (Alef) 1.1lb 1csX20ea

Alef's famous version of German bologna packaged in small convenient vacuum-packs...

Ham Bologna /Short (Alef), ~1lbs

Russian style bologna with ham pieces, made by Alef. Comes in a convenient size and vacuum-packed to..