European American Sausage Corp

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"Bazarnaya" Smoked Old Fashioned Kielbasa (European-American Sausage)

A unique Kielbasy made from chopped pork from European American Sausage. Smoked extra long to provid..

100% Veal Bologna Chunks (Euro American Sausage), ~1Lb

Veal bologna from European American Sausage, in a convenient 1.0Lb chunk. Vacuum-sealed to preserve ..

Cold-Smoked Pork Loin / Darnitskiy Balik (European-American Sausage)

A true delicacy, cold-smoked pork loin. One of our favorite cold-smoked meats. Deep, smokey flavor w..

Eastern Style Dry Seasoned Beef (European-American Sausage), ~1.0Lb

From Eastern European Sausage, Eastern style dry and seasoned beef. Similar to Soujuk but softer. Co..

Garlic / Chesnochnaya Sausage (European-American Sausage), 1.10Lbs 1cs x 30ea

Dry kielbasy made with garlic. If you are a garlic lover, you have to try this unique kielbasy from ..