European American Sausage Corp

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"Bazarnaya" Smoked Old Fashioned Kielbasa

A unique Kielbasy made from chopped pork from European American Sausage. Smoked extra long to provid..

Bazarnoe Salo-Salomka/Cured Pork Fat with Garlic & Bayleaf

A unique take on salo - pork back fat. Flavored with a healthy amount of real garlic chunks and bay ..

Boneless Smoked Pork Butt "Sheyka" Chunks

Smoked pork butt from European American Sausage. Come in convenient 1.0Lb vacuum-packed chunks to pr..

Chicken Liver Pate Chub - Nasha Ryaba

A traditional chicken liver pate made by European American Sausage. Comes in a small 0.5Lb chub for ..

Darnitskiy Balik Dry, Cold-Smoked Pork Loin, Big

A true delicacy, cold-smoked pork loin. One of our favorite cold-smoked meats. Deep, smokey flavor w..

Diet Veal Baby Bologna

A healthier, lower fat baby bologna from European American Sausage...

Eastern Style Dry Seasoned Beef

From Eastern European Sausage, Eastern style dry and seasoned beef. Similar to Soujuk but softer. Co..

Garlic / Chesnochnaya Sausage

Dry kielbasy made with garlic. If you are a garlic lover, you have to try this unique kielbasy from ..

Goose Pate

Chicken liver pate from European American Sausage. Comes in a small and convenient chub...

Gypsy Salami Chub

From European American Sausage, Gypsy salami in the Hungarian tradition. Comes in small and convenie..

Head Cheese Chunk

Traditional Russian style headcheese in small and convenient 1.0Lb vacuum-sealed chunks...