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"Abbatskaya" Smoked Bologna Chubs (Gurman), ~1.00Lbs 1cs x 21ea

Gurman's answer to a gourmet German Bologna. Smoked for a unique depth of flavor. Comes in a conbven..

"Abbatskaya" Smoked Bologna Long (Gurman), 1.7Lbs 1cs x 14ea

Gurman's take on German bologna. Smoked to produce a deeper, more flavorful flavor profile...

Chicken Bologna (Gurman), 3.50Lbs 1cs x 10ea

From Gurman, a bologna made from chicken for a more delicate taste and texture...

Chicken Liver Pate Chubs (Gurman), 0.63Lb 1cs x 65ea

Chicken liver pate in convenient 2/3 Lb chubs. Vacuum-packed to preserve freshness...

Doctorskaya Russian Brand Pork Bologna Chunk (Gurman) 1.0lb ,1csX21ea.

German bologna from Gurman in the Russian style. Come in small convenient vacuum-packed chunks...

Lamb Beef Dry Salami (Gurman), 1.50 lbs, 1cs x 18ea

Dry salami made with a combination of lamb and beef. A hearty and delicious flavor profile for any s..

Smoked Chicken Halves (Gurman), CW 1.3Lbs

Smoked Chicken Halves (Gurman), CW 1.3Lbs 1cs x 28eaSmoked chicken halves in vacuum-packs. Each half..