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Csabai Hungarian Style Dry Salami Chub (Bende), CW 1.0Lb

Hungarian style dry salami chubs from Bende, a respected name in hungarian and Romanian fare. Comes ..

Dry Salami with Cognac Chunk (Red Square), CW 0.75Lb

A delightful, dry salami with the addition of Cognac for flavor. A unique and special tasting experi..

Holsteiner Style Salami (Schmalz's), ~1.50Lbs

A slow-smoked, pork and beef salami in the style of Northern Germany. From Schmalz's Provisions...

Hot Gyulai Smoked Sausage (Bende), ~0.90Lb 1cs x 40ea

From Bende, Hungarian style spicy Guylai sauasage in a vacuum-pack to preserve freshness...

Hunter Style Salami "Kabanosy" Bulk in Net (Pulaski), CW 7.5lb

Hunter style, thin smoked salami sticks from one of the best artisan deli meat producers in the Unit..

Lamb Beef Dry Salami (Gurman), 1.50 lbs, 1cs x 18ea

Dry salami made with a combination of lamb and beef. A hearty and delicious flavor profile for any s..