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Bazarny Kefir (Lifeway), 32fl oz 1cs x 6ea

Kefir from the masters at Lifeway. Made to mimic the traditional kefirs sold at the Russian open air..

Bio 5 Kefir (Fresh Made)

Kefir from Fresh Made with enhanced probiotics. Excellent as a source of probiotics to enhance diges..

Blueberry Kefir Low-Fat (Lifeway), 32fl oz 1cs x 6ea

From the kefir masters at Lifeway, low-fat kefir blended with Blueberry flavoring. All the goodness ..

Coconut Chia Low-Fat Kefir (Lifeway), 32fl oz 1cs x 6ea

From the masters at Lifeway, low-fat kefir with coconut flavor and Chia seeds added. Enjoy the benef..

Greek Style Plain Kefir (Lifeway), 16.0oz 1cs x 6ea

From Lifeway, Greek style plain kefir. More tangy with a slight bitterness, reminicient of Greek yog..

Krestyansky Style Kefir (Lifeway), 32.0fl oz 1cs x 6ea

A healthy, probiotic rich kefir, popular all over Europe and Russia. Based on Old-World recipies and..

Low-Fat 2% Plain Kefir (Fresh Made), 32fl oz 1cs x 12ea

A Plain low-fat kefir from Fresh Made. Made using Old-World recipies. A probiotic powerhouse for you..

Low-Fat Baked Milk Kefir - Ryazhenka (Lifeway), 32fl oz 1cs x 6ea

An unsweetened low-fat kefir made from baked milk. Thick and creamy, with an unmistakable taste. Fro..