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Blueberry Organic Low-Fat Kefir (Lifeway), 32fl oz 1cs x 6ea

From the kefir masters at Lifeway, low-fat organic kefir blended with Blueberry flavoring. All the g..

Organic Low-Fat Peach Flavored Kefir (Lifeway), 32.0oz 1cs x 12ea

Peach flavored low-fat organic kefir from Lifeway. One of the best known names in kefir. Probiotics ..

Organic Low-Fat Strawberry Kefit (Lifeway), 32fl oz 1cs x 6ea

Low-fat organic Strawberry flavored kefir from Lifeway. All the probiotic qualities of organic kefir..

Plain Organic Kefir Lowfat (Lifeway) 32 fl oz, 1cs x 6ea

A plain organic kefir by Lifeway. All the probiotic benefits of kefir in an organic form...

Pomegranate/Acai Organic Low-Fat Kefir (Lifeway), 32fl oz 1cs x 6ea

Pomegranate and Acai Organic kefir from Lifeway. Probiotics with great taste and the benefits of Aca..

Raspberry Organic Low-Fat Kefir (Lifeway), 32fl oz 1cs x 6ea

Organic low-Fat Raspberry flavored kefir from the kefir masters at Lifeway. All the probiotic benefi..