Smoked Meats & Sausages

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"Abbatskaya" Smoked Bologna Chubs (Gurman), ~1.00Lbs 1cs x 21ea

Gurman's answer to a gourmet German Bologna. Smoked for a unique depth of flavor. Comes in a conbven..

"Abbatskaya" Smoked Bologna Long (Gurman), 1.7Lbs 1cs x 14ea

Gurman's take on German bologna. Smoked to produce a deeper, more flavorful flavor profile...

"Bazarnaya" Smoked Old Fashioned Kielbasa (European-American Sausage)

A unique Kielbasy made from chopped pork from European American Sausage. Smoked extra long to provid..

"Kolozsvari" Smoked Hungarian Style Bacon (Bende), CW ~0.75Lb 1cs x 56ea

Hungarian style cold-smoked and cured bacon. A Hungarian & Polish favorite. Packaged in vacuum-p..

Arbatskaya Smoked Bologna long (Alef), ~2.0Lbs

    German bologna with a Russian twist. Smoked to create a truly unique flavor ..

Baby Bologna Chub (Alex Meat), 1.0Lb 1cs x 40ea

Alex Meat's german bologna, in an economic size and vacuum-packed to preserve freshness...