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Cooked Ham Salami - Krakowska (Eropean-American Sausage), CW ~1.0Lb

A widely enjoyed Polish style cooked ham salami made by one of the best up and coming deli meat prod..

Ham Stuffed with Bacon - Orlovsky (Pulaski), CW 6.5Lb

Ham and bacon pressed together and formed into easily sliced block. A popular ham in most of Eastern..

Russian Style Chopped Ham - Rublenaya Vetchina Bulk (Schmalz), CW 2.85Lbs

Traditional Russian style ham in bulk size for your deli counter or larger families. Packaged in a v..

Sandwich Ham (Andy's Deli), CW 9.0Lbs 1cs x 3ea

Can't go wrong with this traditional and simple ham, perfect for sandwiches and your table. Minimal ..

Smoked Pork Shoulder Butt - Sheyka (Pulaski), CW 4.0Lbs

Smoked pork shoulder butts from the artisans at Pulaski Meats. Juicy and tender, just like in the Ol..