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Csabai Hungarian Style Dry Salami Chub (Bende), CW 1.0Lb

Hungarian style dry salami chubs from Bende, a respected name in hungarian and Romanian fare. Comes ..

Dry Salami with Cognac Chunk (Red Square), CW 0.75Lb

A delightful, dry salami with the addition of Cognac for flavor. A unique and special tasting experi..

Holsteiner Style Salami (Schmalz's), ~1.50Lbs

A slow-smoked, pork and beef salami in the style of Northern Germany. From Schmalz's Provisions...

Hot Gyulai Smoked Sausage (Bende), ~0.90Lb 1cs x 40ea

From Bende, Hungarian style spicy Guylai sauasage in a vacuum-pack to preserve freshness...

Lamb Beef Dry Salami (Gurman), 1.50 lbs, 1cs x 18ea

Dry salami made with a combination of lamb and beef. A hearty and delicious flavor profile for any s..

Teli Salami, Long, Hungarian, (Bende) 2lbs, 1cs x 20ea

A true Hungarian style dry salami from Bende. Classic taste and texture, a favorite with the Hungari..

White German Dry Salami for Slicing (Karl Ehmer), CW 2.0Lb

The same German Dry Salami we have come to love, but in a more convenient and sliceable form. Perfec..